About the artwork: “She Causes Gods To Melt”

By James Joseph

Our brand new collaboration between Olivia Rose and James Joseph launched today. The two creators have embarked upon a journey of expression and today, the genesis, “She Causes Gods to Melt” is shown exclusively to the world on Stylenoir.

James’ growing passion for writing led to him creating a piece named “She Causes Gods to Melt“. Olivia’s aesthetic and creativity was simply perfect for the formed words and the two decided to collaborate on the project, with Olivia Rose bringing James’ words to life through her exceptional talent as an artist.

Olivia Rose has created an incredible interpretation of those very words, with exquisite detail, in an artwork that truly shows the talent of both individuals.

Float away, delve into your imagination and immerse yourself into She Causes Gods To melt via clicking the link.

Let us know your journey through either the comments, or twitter @stylenoirmag & #challengetheworld.

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