Alex Box for Stylist Magazine

By James Joseph

Alex Box just ascended through the earth’s atmosphere like a shining phoenix, azure feathered wings outstretched, higher than the pious, than Gods and Goddesses that look down upon this tiny insignificant planet, for what she just produced for Stylist Magazine is stratospheric, nothing comes close. This is the epitome of organic art.

Alex Box created five makeup looks which span Baroque, Romanticism, Dadaism, Cubism and Postmodernism. Whilst at this point we would normally launch into creative prose, into our feelings and emotions that these produce, for once, we are speechless. What ever we say will just taint, disease the divinity of these incredible, celestial creations.

For now, delve into your own emotions, float away with the beauty and significance of true art. For what Alex Box has created is unparalleled.

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Photography: Malcolm Pate. Beauty Director: Joanna McGarry

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