An Alien Fantasy; Alexander McQueen Footwear

By James Joseph

Imagine a swirling portal of amber and amaranth, humming like an ominous presence as it turns and twists, a portal through time itself, opening up the majestic view of a universe far far away. A universe where iridescent royal blue shimmers over everything in existence, like a magical spiderweb that gently covers this special place.

Creatures roam this glistening, dusty web, a web that sees forests of gold and apricot grow as if time forgot. A place where the night sky rains in burnt auburn, each drop impacting the iridescent blue dust, creating the smell of dust after rain. These creatures are divinely beautiful, yet uncomfortable and strange. Proportions are distorted, figures are warped. Yet still alluring and hypnotic.

A cherry moon is hardly visible through the burnt auburn rain, a deformed illusion appears, as if the moon is dripping its vivid colour onto the night sky. As if the heat of colour has melted its soft and fragile surface

The humming swirling portal begins to close, the auburn rain and iridescent blue dust form into a mirage of colour, like oil floating on crystal clear water. The splendor so magnificent and intense that your heart and stomach twist and turn, knowing you will never see such beauty ever again.

For this is Alexander McQueen’s Alien fantasy.


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