Andrej Pejic as Marilyn Monroe

By James Joseph

Our ever favourite model Andrej Pejic appears in a short film entitled “Norman Jean”, a clever title and humourous nod to Marilyn Monroe. The piece is styled by the infamous Patricia Field and directed by the incredible Jenna Elizabeth, with brilliant cinematography which accents the sheer beauty of Pejic and at the same time creates an alluring, yet sophisticated piece of creativity.

It really is a simply divine homage to Marilyn Monroe. Andre Pejic takes the challenge within his stride, looking as innocent, yet sultry and alluring as the great icon herself.

Jenna Elizabeth states about the piece; “It looks at Marilyn’s status as a sexual icon and explores the societal implications of the sex-kitten femme.”

We simply adore this piece. Everything from the cinematography, to the styling, to the stunning work from Andrej himself. Marilyn would be proud.

Check out the video below!


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