Andrej Pejic meets the Queen

By James Joseph

We brought you news a couple of weeks ago that our favourite pioneer of the moment, Andrej Pejic was due to attend Buckingham Palace to meet the queen. There was media hype over what he would wear, but to be honest we just hoped he would continue what he does best, being himself.

Andrej didn’t disappoint, wearing Antipodium to the royal engagement. A pencil skirt and tailored jacket, complimented those incredible blonde locks and created the perfect sophisticated, yet classic outfit for the special meeting.

We even have a rare (abeilt poor quality) photo, from the back of Andrej‘s car, which shows the outfit in more detail.

One thing is for sure, if anyone is managing to #challengetheworld right now, it’s Andrej Pejic. A simply exceptional human being.

Scroll down for photos.



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