Anna Tatton

By James Joseph

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Anna Tatton

At sixteen Anna Tatton was discovered by London’s Bookings agency whilst outside of an Abercrombie & Fitch retail shop in 2010. Tatton’s signature is her striking red hair and of course her abundance of beautiful freckles.

Although young, Tatton manages to create an incredibly strong look and image. Whilst diverse, we think she certainly excels in the darker more empowering end of the modelling spectrum.

Anna Tatton was born in 1993 in Portsmouth, England and has already appeared in Korea’s version of ELLE and been photographed by Jason Evans for POP Magazine.

This incredible model is already creating a storm within editorial. Her aesthetic, helped by the Elle Korea cover has catapulted her career in Asia, where she often resides when Tatton is not in London.

We love her look, her charisma and her diversity and hope to see a lot more from Tatton in the forthcoming year.

Career Highlights
FEB 2009 – POP Magazine editorial
MAR 2012 – ELLE Korea cover
NOV 2012 – Papercut Magazine editorial

Anna Tatton on Twitter
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Anna Tatton on the fashion spot

Anna Tatton on the WWW
Anna Tatton in Papercut Magazine

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