Art of True Love

By James Joseph

There has always been an ever debated line on the concept of living, organic art. There are those often looked to as just that, but creatures cannot be art, for art is surely without purpose. But great art can live upon an ever changing surface. Could tattoo be that medium? After all it creates a living, breathing canvas, a canvas that never stands still, nor is ever forgotten.

A passion for a creation of art that could never be stronger, an eternal ideal, uncompromised, never broken by looking back, or doubt in the artist’s mind.

There’s a certain something to that eternal ideal. Fashion designers rush to keep up, their collections forgotten in a matter of months, painters ever moving to the next commission, but tattooing, as the ink dries it is just the beginning of a whole new journey.

In this editorial by photographer Darren Black, we see that display of craftsmanship, an exhibition of what could be organic art, a medium that could never live anywhere but upon the skin of that living, breathing canvas.

Photography: Darren Black – Darren Black of Woolhouse Studios

Models: Ricki hall @ Nevs / Jimmy Q @ Select / Lawson Rynes Taylor @ Elite / Miles Langford @ Elite / Daniel Bamdad / Jack Royal

About Darren:
Darren Black is a photographer for Woolhouse Studios, photographing for GQ Magazine, Papercut and XO Magazine. Choosing some of the hottest new talent for his works, including Lola Coca and Tiffany Pisani.

Black’s work can be found at the aforementioned links above. You can also find Darren on Twitter @coolcameraman






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