Charlotte Free resurfaces for FOREVER 21

By James Joseph

So our favourite model on the entire planet had kind of disappeared. The last time we saw her was in NYC when our good friends Daniel Haim from Bloginity and Rico Genest managed to grab her in the Meat Packing District.

Well now she’s resurfaced. For FOREVER21.
Forever 21 just released the campaign on their website and email (11th April 2012) and we made sure we were the first to have it live to share it with you all!

There’s no doubt Charlotte still has what it takes after her short break. We heard that she wanted to concentrate on her music more, but this photoshoot and campaign shows exactly why she needs to stay in modeling. We just adore that pint sized attitude that she has. A true original. A true individual.

Charlotte Free we freaking love you.



Model: Charlotte Free
Campaign: Forever 21

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