Ghostmother by Herring and Herring

Posted on March 16th, written by James Joseph.

When genuine macabre photoshoots and editorials emerge, at Stylenoir we get truly excited. With the latest production by photography talent Herring and Herring entitled “Ghostmother” it certainly gave us the shivers.

This incredible editorial was produced for Herring and Herring’s magazine “fit for print”. The story sees a dark and sinister aesthetic created with the upmost luxury and class.

We simply love this photoshoot, it’s exactly what Gothic should be, moody, macabre and beautiful.

Unfortunately the accompanying film isn’t half as good, the model seems stiff and uncomfortable and with a track from “Tron: Legacy” the most obvious and commercial choice for anyone trying to create mood.

Even Top Gear use that album several times an episode. It would have been much more interesting to choose Lorn, or APC to give a moody backdrop to the fantastic photoshoot. We’ve included the video below for you to make up your own minds!

Ghostmother herring and herring

herring and herring photography

Photography: Herring and Herring
Publication: FIT FOR PRINT
Styling: Veronique Tristam @ Rona Represents
Hair: Nelson Vercher @ BA-Reps
Makeup: Yuko Mizuno @ Rona Represents
Video: Amy Lowles

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