H and M divided grey collection

By James Joseph

H and M have released the Divided GREY collection. Most probably inspired by the fact Gothic and grunge has completely exploded in fashion at the moment. However we are truly excited about the collection and welcome it with open arms; there is just one major issue.

First of all the collection itself as a whole is fantastic, it has that Rick Owens, Anne Demeulemeester feel for a much more affordable price point. It’s perfect for the incoming winter months for any macabre or Gothic creature. The textures, shapes and distressed edges are all concise and well thought out.

The campaign works wonders too, our all time favourite Alice Dellal heads the campaign up, [Well who else did you expect?] it’s a perfect placement.

But here is the issue. The collection has menswear and womenswear. As many of our readers will be fully aware, the whole macabre aesthetic is built on a genderless ideal. The draped fabrics, asymmetric cuts and layering all lends to the fact the garments work across both genders. It’s why the term Androgoth is so frequently and derogatorily used.

By splitting the H and M Divided Grey collection into two genders, it almost defeats the point of the entire idea. Certainly for true macabre lovers it’s not something they are used to. It would have been a much more perfect approach to make the collection at minimum, unisex, but at least the high street is trying.

To check out the campaign film or browse the collection visit H and M Divided Grey Or check out our exclusive Alice Dellal photo gallery via the link

H and M Divided Grey with Alice Dellal

Alice Dellal

H and M Divided Grey

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