A homage to Daphne Guinness

By James Joseph

Daphne Guinness is more than a human being, she is a living concept, a creature of pure vision. She is so much more than a woman as her ideal projects her into a place greater than the natural human mindset. Commentating and imagining, constantly asking questions, but never judging. It could be said that Daphne Guinness is more philosopher than heiress, more an organic work of art, than artist. For we originally set out to commentate ourselves, on her Showstudio interview, and instead were once again inspired by this truly organic art form.

When it comes to our four values [Expression, Individuality, Vision and Identity], Daphne Guinness is the epitome of every single one. Yet, each is achieved with the utmost modesty, maintaining an organic concept. It’s obvious that Daphne Guinness’ ideals are strong and unwavering, perfectly formed, and yet as open minded as any.

Last month Alex Fury from Showstudio.com had the honour of interviewing the iconic heiress. Like many interviews of Fury’s, he asked all the right questions, provoking Daphne Guinness to lay out those aforementioned ideals & visions for us all to absorb, in that beautiful, silky yet powerful voice of hers.

It was astronomically difficult to pull our favourite words out of the interview, we felt that we almost were ruining the context, the prose of this remarkable creature by doing so. But the fact is we had to at least choose a few important moments. For one Daphne Guinness admits she doesn’t particularly find the idea of fashion interesting, for instead she states:

“I find the idea of being able to transform yourself because we can, because we’re human beings, that’s interesting”

She also continues about how art should never be objectified, especially in human form, quoting (and we’re sure this is aimed at a certain someone)

“If you have to have a million stylists and you’re running through looks like no tomorrow… there comes a point where it’s just slightly desperate”

It is the artist that Daphne relates with, showing both her admiration and adoration for those who really do redefine what is possible. Those who do not compromise, feeding their all, their inner being into what they create.

There are those we truly admire, both that Stylenoir has been very close to recently and those who are seen from a distance. The one phrase that screams out is they “challenge the world”. Challenge what society thinks, not because of purpose or pre-meditated thought, but through an organic vision and original ideals. Never setting out to shock or make change, but through those original ideals, challenging thought. To us it is those who are the true pioneers and artists of this generation, and perhaps even generations to come, through their individuality and ultimately; legacy.

We strongly recommend you watch the Daphne Guinness Show Studio Interview video in its entirety, and share your views and vision below on Stylenoir. On a topic as close to our heart as this, we would love to engage with you all, no matter who you are…

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