In Black and Light by Emin Kadi

By James Joseph

Madeline model thumbnailThis work by photographer Emin Kadi is possibly one of our favourite of the entire year. The editorial has a unprecedented strength and exquisite cleanness that produces a beautiful sterile, yet bold aesthetic.

The model, Madeleline has one of the most structured and defined faces we’ve seen, fitting the vision and concept of the editorial perfectly. The high contrast tone of the imagery alomst accentuates her contours and statue-esque cheekbones.

Emma Pritchard’s styling is also second to none, whilst probably the only non noir piece in the whole editorial, we can’t deny the Mickey Mouse handed dress is our favourite of the entire editorial, with the harness coming in a close second.

To find out more on Emin Kadi’s photography visit the website via the link

Emin Kadi photography

Emin Kadi photography

black and white fashion

madeline by emin kadi photography

madeline black and white fashion editorial

black maxi dress

photoshoot by Emin Kadi

Photography by Emin Kadi @

Stylist: Emma Pritchard
Hair: Lacy Redway @ artmix

Make up: Azra Red / Dior Make up

Model: Madeleine @ marilyn

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