Jac Langheim Spring Summer 2011

By James Joseph

Jac Langheim Latex
It has to be said, Jac Langheim has changed the way we see latex. Call it pioneering, maybe even revolutionary, but the simple fact is; to produce a classic, timeless and wearable collection in entirely latex is one mean achievement. The modern, flattering shapes of this Spring Summer collection create a light, sophisticated & chic style, which is not only refreshing but innovative. Approaching latex in a completely new way.


Jacqueline states “My inspiration for this collection is that pivotal moment when in spite of all of the confusion and fear, we dare to be loved” going on to say “Part of the fun of latex garments is that they require a dressing aid and often an extra set of hands. I designed with the intention of making it as easy as possible to get in and out of these clothes”


The collection itself features, long lean trousers, skirted bustier top cocktail dresses and even a statement double-breasted trench coat. Techniques and detailing such as ruffles, ruching and paneling further add to the incredible silhouette Langheim has created with the material whilst still keeping this collection very wearable.




Jac Langheim Latex Dress


Jac Langheim Latex Paneled


Jac Langheim Latex Jacket


To find out more simply visit JACLANGHEIM.COM

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