Jeffree Star Americana: Exclusive

By James Joseph

When you think of American trail blazers and pioneers, perhaps Henry Ford or Bell come straight to mind, those who led the way for industry and exploration. But society and individuality lacks these pioneering figures. An area where such courage and strength is needed to create change.

Jeffree Star has pioneered a way forward, an inspiration for those who strive to express themselves and be true to their wants, without fear of repercussions. We wrote about the Lack of gender role models in mainstream media recently. But if anyone has championed expression and individuality here, it’s Star. Now many years on from that initial rise from social networking, Jeffree Star has influenced and inspired so many to be who they truly want to be.

Jeffree Star teamed up with Allan Amato and Mynxii White to create this beautiful aesthetic, reflecting the “Americana” theme, which takes us back to Jeffree Star’s grass roots. Eternally flawless, Jeffree will always be an inspiration to so many creatures, past and present.

Listen to the Prom Night track over on Jeffree Star’s Website or follow Jeffree on Twitter

Photography: Allan Amato
Model: Jeffree Star
MUA: Mynxii White

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Tank Dress: Black Milk
Latex Dress: Abigail Greydanus
Parachute Dress: Rachel Freire





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