Jena Theo – FATALE Spring Summer 2012

By James Joseph

“Tears on the mausoleum floor, blood stains the Colosseum doors. Lies on the lips of priests, Thanksgiving disguised as a feast” came the defined words from watch the throne, as hundreds of dim, yet strangely hypnotic lightbulbs flickered across this cold and concrete space.

Decadent power portrayed in the beauty of female form ascends from the darkness, too loved to be an outcast, too revered to be a hero, for this creature, this flowing strength, becomes the epitome of fatale, an anti-heroine.

Perhaps once found lurking in a musky smoke filled jazz club, awaiting to lure her prey, surrounded by the sent of matured whiskey and light rain on trench coats, the emblem of beauty raised from film noir, where time has taken a remarkable past era, and brought it forwards in time, creating the most beautiful result of strength, empowerment and decadence, whilst alluring and sensual.

For this is Jena Theo Spring Summer 12 FATALE


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