Lady Gaga poses for Karl Lagerfeld on GOLD iPAD

By James Joseph

We don’t normally bow to news fodder, generally because what someone else creates gets rehashed by every single news outlet on the internet. But when Lady Gaga meets Karl Lagerfeld on live television and Lagerfeld brandishes an exclusive white gold Apple iPad. You know the end result has to be incredible.


The crowd’s reaction sounds as if they all are watching a firework display across an aurora emblazoned sky from the dusty shores of mars. The interaction between Lady Gaga and Karl Lagerfeld seems like two aliens lost in a translational world of creativity and technology…


Lady Gaga even gets gifted the white gold iPad by the Grand Journal television show and of course Karl Lagerfeld. Surely a strong moment in her music and fashion career, next to the godfather of fashion himself.


Just watch the video below, it is 75 seconds that will enhance your life.






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