Lady Gaga Simpsons Debut

By James Joseph

Lady Gaga thumbnail
It’s official Lady Gaga will debut in the Simpsons season finale on the 20th of May.

While Lady Gaga recorded her episode back in August 2011 it has been under wraps, until now. A promo video, screen shots and behind the scenes content have all been released today.

Without doubt, if anything will get us to consider watching the Simpson again, it’s Lady Gaga’s performance, in what looks set to be a fantastic episode! From full on outlandish outfits, to jeans and a sweater the fashion is almost as varied as Lisa Simpson’s mood swings. But with Homer eating her meat dress, will Lady Gaga be a fan of the Simpson family?

Make sure you scroll down check out the pictures, then watch the promo trailer, it’s sure to be one mighty episode, with Lady Gaga taking centre stage.


Lady Gaga Maggie

Lady Gaga Simpsons

Lady Gaga Simpsons Debut

Gaga Bra Simpsons

Lady Gaga recording the simpsons

Lady Gaga debuts in simpsons episode

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