Lost In Lust

Posted on May 26th, by James Joseph in Editorial. 3 comments

Lost In Lust

A lonely desire, an overwhelming hunger.
To many an eternal repulsive beauty. Excluded, outcast, pushed to one side, but passion and desire are stronger than a worlds divide.
Two creatures, two singular entities yearning, aching for the softest touch, or the one who knows too much.
A connection stronger than an ideal, when reality fades, just two bodies, two souls… Lost in Lust.

Lost In Lust is a collaboration editorial for Stylenoir by Merry P and Daniel Lehenbauer. The photoshoot focuses on a distant lust, a desire of two people and the connection between them. The images also see exquisite work from Lauren Tennenbaum

Merry P & Daniel Lehenbauer

Jessie @ Profile
Amanda @ Profile

Lauren Tennenbaum





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