Dark Transformations

By James Joseph

Innocence has always had an issue with attitude, a jealousy that stems from attitude having no rules or boundaries, where morals can easily be broken. But what if even the smallest essence of corruption could emerge from the darkness? What if the fragility of innocence caved to the pressure of malevolence?

Innocence really has no defense, before long it would be trapped by an obsession to become something more, someone else. Paths would split, for a while confusion would reign. But out of this would be a creation to transform, convert to altered beliefs and warped principles. To undertake a change from which much more sinister visions grow; Dark Transformations

In this beautiful shoot from Mandy Murphy and Victoria Zeoli for Stylenoir Magazine, innocence, purity and darkness collide. Be ready to see the Mandy Murphy shoot in its entirety in Stylenoir’s print publication coming soon!

Model: Mandy Murphy
Photography: Victoria Zeoli
MUA: Kayleigh Hayes






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