Milla Jovovich nude for Purple Magazine

By James Joseph

Milla jovovich thumbnail Seeing Resident Evil actress Milla Jovovich nude is not something you may expect from this life loving, incredible woman. But Purple Magazine and Milla have combined forces to make a tasteful, seductive, erotic editorial of just that, creating a beautiful aesthetic.

The nude photoshoot of Milla Jovovich was created by the iconic talent of Mario Sorrenti. Really there was no other photographer that would be better suited for this editorial and talent.

Milla Jovovich’s beauty is simply breathtaking in this photoshoot, her curves and defined beauty is alluring and seductive, almost hypnotic to the reader.

Truly remarkable.

Milla Jovovich naked

Milla Jovovich nude

Milla Jovovich Nude

Milla Jovovich nude

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