Mimi Marks

Posted on April 28th, written by James Joseph.

Mimi Marks Transexual

We spoke about Gender Role Models In Mainstream Media recently, and the lack of real inspirations with gender. I personally asked to be proved wrong, as it really does sadden me there are not more real intellectual inspirations out there. However, there is a beautiful oasis in the desert, a glistening light in the night sky, by the name of Mimi Marks.

Mimi Marks really shot in to the spotlight when she won the Miss Continental pageant. However glamorous, beautiful and magnificent she is, the most important thing, is listening to her speak.

Watch any interview, chat show or platform with Mimi Marks involved and you will see just why she is such an inspiration and why she really does fit the spot of a gender role model in mainstream media.

But the inspiration doesn’t just start there. Mimi Marks was the first transsexual model to ever walk catwalk, signing to Ford Modeling Agency, Mimi pioneered the way forward for the likes of Andrej Pejic and Lea T years later.

Continuing to work with charities close to her heart Mimi Marks is pursuing the great work she has already done for transgender individuals and continues to be a true inspiration.

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