Mosh; The Ultimate Dedication

By James Joseph

Mosh Fetish Ballet HeelsMosh; the Queen Bee, the ruler, the divine empress. Her kingdom not restricted by a physical place but freed by an ever evolving scene of individuality and creativity.

The simple fact is Mosh is the only model who can say she’s taken the alt scene and made it her own. The only woman who has capitalised her status in the right way, with professionalism and relentless drive and that is why she stands levels above the rest, overlooking those below. With the campaigns, brands and supporters to back it all up.

This has to be our ultimate dedication article, there is no doubt in our minds that Mosh deserves the recognition and respect she already has, so we hope to do her achievements and creation justice, because if there’s one thing about Mosh it is that she excels in a complete league of her own.

Usually we would pick up on an individuals strength and push that forward throughout the article, but with Mosh that is an impossibility. Why? Because there is nothing that comes at a lesser value, it’s all or nothing, every single element of herself is on level with the next and all is second to none.

Mosh Model Alt PinupJust take her diversity for instance, from Alternative, to Fetish, to Pin-Up and Commerciality, all produced to extraordinary standards, no genre less than the next. It is that versatility that shows true talent, a talent that knows no boundaries

Take everything we have already said and then combine with her ability to turn that all into relentless business. Mosh’s recent campaigns for Coffin Case and Lip Service among others show just how the Mosh name has become a brand which can deliver the business and professionalism needed in the real world, without compromising her core values.

As you all know by now, we focus solely on legacy with our own mindset here at Stylenoir. Well, take a step back and focus on Mosh now, as a period in time. Because quite frankly you’re seeing history in the making. When our generation finally hands over to the next, when our time period comes to an end, Mosh‘s name will be one delicately preserved for many generations to come.

To find out more, get over to the monster of a site that is or stalk her on Facebook or keep up to date on Model Mayhem.



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