New York Fashion Week Fall 13 Style

By James Joseph

NYFW FALL 13Street Style at fashion weeks pretty much sucks nowadays, and it is certainly not ‘stylenoir’. All those bloggers and nobody students desperately trying to get their picture taken by wearing floppy hats or ‘forever minty’ colourways and hoping Vogue ‘publishes’ them. It’s so archaic, dull and repetitive.

So with that being said, we became super excited when we saw what photographer Andrew Boyle and Milk Made had teamed up to create over the Fall 2013 New York Fashion Week. Boyle is known for his love of comic books and trips to Comicon, along with having one of the “most astonishing loves for live music” quoted by Milk Made. Boyle stated that he wanted to:

“Tell a more focused story of his experience at fashion week”

So you can begin to imagine the result. This consisted of the photographer plucking attendees from backstage at NYFW and photographing them in a brilliantly moody black and white tone, whilst selecting some of the best styled and looking attendees we’ve seen.

With plenty of attitude, tattoos and actual style it is so refreshing to see from the normal drab fashion “darling” circus that ensues every single season. Andrew Boyle and Milk Studios, thankyou for finally ‘getting it’.

You can check out more of Andrew Boyle Photography via the link.




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