nOir Jewellery

By Ally Richards

New York based jewellery designer Leeora Catalan honed her skills as a fashion stylist with Ralph Lauren and Oscar De La Renta before noticing a gap in the market for specific pieces for the shows she was styling for. She took this challenging on and started her own company, nOir Jewelry. She often creates particular styles for designers, including DKNY, Diesel and a recent collaboration with Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. collection.

Catalan’s accessories are quickly becoming a cult favourite and have been seen adorning many a famous body.  Fans of her statement rings, spiked necklaces and eye-catching pendants include M.I.A, Lady Gaga and Rihanna. Not afraid to try something new or even quite bizarre, with new collection nOir Jewelry experiments with new materials and styles, pushing the boundaries of the medium, creating dramatic but very wearable pieces of art.

Some of her most eye-catching and unique designs have been more unusual collaborations, such as with Disney and Barbie. Often including over-sized motifs and striking reimaginings of classic images, Catalan’s pieces have a playful, tongue-in-cheek aesthetic to them. For the Barbie collection she presents gilded hair-dryers, shoes and clothes hangers as miniature charms.

The ‘Jules the Octopus’ ring is a large be-jewelled sea-creature that stares out malevolently from the fingers, with glowing pink eyes. She makes both grown-up versions of the pocket-money jewellery you bought as a child and crystal-encrusted high-fashion creations taking influence from cult characters. A particular favourite is her collaboration with DC Comics.

The collection avoids cartoon clichés and takes on a darker and more glamorous look, very much in keeping with Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight’ films. Pieces include long, sparkling Catwoman-style claw rings. These fierce, eye-catching talons are heavy brass, plated in a shining gun-metal, and studded with cubic zirconia. They’re just the kind of thing you could imagine gilding the paws of Miss Selina Kyle and were also recently featured in a Vogue editorial. Another signature piece is the Batgirl Dome, a double-finger ring that looks like it might double-up as an ingenious piece of weaponry.

The collection bridges a heavy ‘bling’ look with a unique and quirky flavour. They’re bold and definitely not for the shy! Catch up the latest collections at

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