Rachel Freire “The Girl I Never Was”

By James Joseph

Rachel Freire Spring Summer 2011
Rachel Freire The Girl I Never Was
Rachel Freire is the self proclaimed “cheerleader of the apocalypse” and as you may have already seen in last months article written by Sophie Roach, we absolutely adore this woman and her incredible talent.


So when the images for Rachel Freire’s Spring Summer 2011 hit my inbox over the weekend you can imagine my excitement. “The Girl I Never Was” is a tomboy deception of femininity. The whole collection has that signature attitude that we are so fond of, combined with unique couture leathers and a serious dose of edginess. Rachel Freire stated “I decided on weirdness for the summer” which is such a refreshing attitude to us, Spring Summer is always so dull, designers practically create the same thing, and then Rachel Freire blew it wide open with this amazing collection.


A military theme arrises in the form of holster pockets and the use of materials, even all the buttons and fastenings were made from 9mm and magnum shot bullet cases, something we think is a simply brilliant detail.



The lining for this collection was exclusively created by Neurotica in a collaboration with Rachel Freire. Featuring ethereal creatures and fantastical foliage, it is suited to both Freire’s aesthetic and this collection’s feel perfectly.




Rachel Freire S/S2011
Rachel Freire The Girl I Never Was
It has to be said that the bags are some of our favourite pieces in this collection, the utilitarian pocketed garter is simply amazing. We can imagine it not only looking fantastic on, but hey if the apocalypse ever did hit, there’s some pretty nifty storage for ammo, weapons and lipstick of course!


But we have left the best to last, this jaw dropping showpiece is created entirely from cigarette butts. The structure and shape of this piece is quite frankly staggering, an incredible combination of imagination, creativity and execution.

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