Rainbow Winters; Technology in Fashion

By James Joseph

Rainbow Winters Spring Summer 2011

Rainbow Winters Technology Fashion

Rainbow Winters is innovating textiles and materials within fashion, incorporating technology to a wearable aesthetic. We simply were overjoyed when we came across the designer Amy Winters and her incredible vision. Finally a designer who can combine the two in a beautiful and magnificent way.

At Stylenoir we’ve always followed the growth of technology within fashion design. With Philips Lumalive fabrics taking the majority of our interest. But the concept of reactive fashion needed a creative mind, one that could see past the binary ones and zeros.

The Rainbow Winters collections vary from including sound reactive to light responsive technology, even printed and interwoven into the fabrics. The dress showing in this post for example includes electroluminescent panels, to detect volume rises and react to this accordingly.

A hugely interesting platform and vision, one that can only improve and expand with time. To find out more about Rainbow Winters simply click the link.

Rainbow Winters

Amy Winters fashion designer

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