Sportsmax Pre Fall 2013

By James Joseph

There is no hiding that the Autumn Winter season is like a macabre playground. As many designers turn to noir and thicker fabrics darkness seems to take hold of them and the result is often mesmerising.

This is exactly what happened with Sportsmax’s Pre Fall 2013. Turning to black as the prominent colour and focusing on an incredible silhouette what what Sportsmax produced is simply and undeniably beautiful noir.

The use of textures within the pre fall collection is exquisite with fur, leather and jersey all making appearances and adding to the rich tapestry of noir that is the Sportsmax collection.

The luxury and refined silhouette and detail are what make this one of our favourites for AW13. This collection is undoubtedly dark and undoubtedly beautiful.


sports max fall 13

sportsmax fall 13

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