Tex Saverio: Revelation

By Mynxii White

Dewi Magazine chose five visionary designers they believed represented the spirit and enthusiasm of this generation to reshape the Indonesian fashion world to walk the runways for Jakarta Fashion Week this season. Tex Saverio was one of the talented young designers selected, a receiver of many awards and numerous achievements ever since his very first contribution to the fashion world.

After successfully dressing icon Lady Gaga, the much-talked about young Indonesian designer continues to forge his path in haute couture. Tex Saverio created a special presentation themed “Revelation.” “I’ve employed metal craftsmen especially for this collection,” he said. “We prepared this collection in eight months.”

Every model was embellished  completely in gold, each piece incorporating intricate detailing and various materials, pairing soft fabrics with hard pieces.

Tailored in a body-fitting mermaid style, the dresses were quite different than Saverio’s previous collection of voluptuous ball gowns, but his signature style of metallic corsets and feather embellishments remained. One of the metallic corsets attached to the dress featured an angel extending her wings across the bodice. Carved ornaments, such as the feature of angels and floral accents, adorned the wearers from head to toe, from headpieces to chunky platform heels.

Through his latest collection, Saverio tried to provoke all elements in the fashion scene, transforming fashion into something that not only achieves commercial success but also combines art and imagination to become one. “I was inspired with a verse in the Bible: ‘And there was war in heaven,’ from Revelation 12:7″.

The show ended with an seraphic figure with fully extended golden wings emerging from center stage, omnipotent in it’s prodigious refinement. The scene was spectacular, a paradisaical finale to a heavenly reception.

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