The Stylenoir top 10 creatives 2012 chosen by readers

By James Joseph

Stylenoir Top Ten Creatives 2012 title

So far in 2012 Stylenoir has hit half a million readers; broken a corner of the WWW with our antics with Zombie Boy; been hung on the wall in the London Mayor’s office; been repped by the New York Times and Microsoft… the list goes on. So we thought it was about time to start with a new journey, the Stylenoir Top 10 Creatives 2012. Each year we will look at who our readers most admired, looked at and read about, giving an official, definitive guide of the top 10 creatives chosen by Stylenoir readers.

So without further ado, here is the top ten, beginning with the winner.

Emma Hawkins Art Dealer Stylenoir

1. Emma Hawkins

The macabre art dealer Emma Hawkins completely floors the opposition in this, with twice as many readers as second place.

If there is one creature Stylenoir readers love it is without doubt Emma Hawkins, which is absolutely fine with us since Emma encompasses the Stylenoir aesthetic perfectly.

Emma Hawkins first emerged from the underworld, when she appeared on Channel4’s Four Rooms series. Her dark passion for art, taxidermy and macabre wonders have been sorely missed from the second series by Stylenoir readers and art fans alike.

Top Emma Hawkins Article on Stylenoir

Or to find out more on Emma visit Emma Hawkins on Channel4


Model Charlotte Free
2. Charlotte Free

In a strong second place, we’re not really surprised Charlotte Free nearly topped this chart. On the many occasions the Stylenoir troop has run into her, this girl eptomises the Stylenoir individuality and personality.

Whether it’s rocking out a rather sedate London catwalk show, or hanging around the ultra hip meat packing district in New York, every time we’ve been with this chick, she oozes cool.

Charlotte Free’s character and charisma is simply incredible, her individuality is unprecedented and her latest campaigns show just that, her sense of fun is never lost, even taking part in a P’trique video recently making Charlotte Free one incredible creature.

Charlotte Free for Forever 21
Charlotte Free for Terry Richardson
Charlotte Free walks for Roksanda Illncic

Nicole Trunfio Model
3. Nicole Trunfio

Nicole Trunfio is one of the coolest girls on the planet. There’s not much more fashionable than a Skateboarding high fashion model.

Nicole Trunfio managed third place in this top ten from one photoshoot, which when you see the caliber of creatives is simply outstanding. Her defined beauty and supercool charisma is certainly why so many of you made her appear in the poduim here.

Or possibly it’s the fact she has walked for Chanel, Givenchy and Christian Dior. Without doubt one of IMG Models greatest assets.

See the Nicole Trunfio Photoshoot that catapulted her into third place.

Alex Box Makeup Artist
4. Alex Box

What can I say other than, I’m so pleased that you, the Stylenoir readers agree with just how talented this woman is.

Alex Box is one of the most inspiring and thought provoking creatures I’ve ever had the pleasure to work alongside. Her mindset as well as her creativity is unparallelled. Personally as an editor and an entrepreneur I relish in those who look at the bigger picture, the greater good and Alex Box certainly embraces this world and those beyond with outstanding motion.

At Stylenoir, both the team’s and reader’s favourite has been Alex Box’s work with Georgie Hobday for Sylist Magazine which you can see below.

Alex Box for Stylist Magazine
Alex Box for Illamasqua
Alex Box and Lady Gaga

Andrej Pejic Model
5. Andrej Pejic

Andrej Pejic is without doubt one of the most prolific pioneers of individuality in our generation. Managing to balance being a positive role model for gender and still maintain the beautiful, breath taking work he produces.

Andrej first came to our attention a couple of years back, but has been a regular feature in our Gender Column ever since, as we follow his journey in gender and of course, mainstream success.

Pejic is an inspiration to many and a leader of a new set of young individuals carving out who they want to be.

Andrej Pejic for Schon Magazine
Andrej Pejic Marilyn Monroe Photoshoot
Andrej Pejic by Mathew Guido

Grace Coddinton
6. Grace Coddington

While Grace Coddington may be an iconic figure, we were truly surprised she appeared this high up the list. It potentially shows just how legendary that silhouette and look has become even three decades on.

We featured Grace Coddington back in 2011 when the iconic photographer Duffy displayed photography of David Bowie, Michael Caine and Coddington among others, and we had the pleasure of attending.

To make sixth place with only one featured dedicated to her, is truly impressive. Whether her work as the model who will leave a legacy or the work at Vogue that has made her one of the most accomplished women in fashion Grace Coddington is a force to be reckoned with.


Georgie Hobday Model
7. Georgie Hobday

The fact Georgie Hobday made it into your top ten is absolutely no surprise. This girl is not only one of the most creative and talented people on the planet, but her look enables her to be a chameleon of individuality.

Passionate, hard working and fast moving, Georgie Hobday is already shaking the modeling world to it’s core with her enthusiasm and stunningly defined silhouette.

Expect Georgie to have moved up at least 4 places in this list and be within the top three for 2013 by next year.

Georgie Hobday in ID Magazine
Georgie Hobday for Agent Provocateur
Indepth look at Georgie Hobday


Daphne Guinness
8. Daphne Guinness

No creative top ten would be complete without the unprecedented force of Daphne Guinness, and you, our readers thought no different.

Daphne has been referred to as “an organic art form” by some of the biggest names in the business. The woman is an incredible mind, an incredible intellect and an unparallelled beauty.

There is no possible way that I can do her justice within a 150 word segment, so let’s just say that eight place is very respectable and you can read more in the links below.

The Classy Daphne by Steven Klein
Daphne Guinness Fit Exhibition
A homage to Daphne Guinness


Hannah Marshall Fashion Designer
9. Hannah Marshall

Hannah Marshall took over Stylenoir in September 2010 when we ran “The Hannah Marshall Takeover”, she even was a partial inspiration for the ‘Stylenoir Woman’ artwork. It has obviously had an impact with you all, as this incredible and super talented fashion designer places ninth on the list.

Hannah Marshall has produced some outstanding works over her designing career, perhaps her most notable was the ‘Army of Me’ collection shown like many others main tent at London Fashion Week.

She maybe putting her head down and forcing on with work away from the limelight, but we still adore her.

Hannah Marshall Interview
Hannah Marshall Takeover
The Stylenoir Woman


Sarah Shotton Designer
10. Sarah Shotton

The final creative to make it into your top ten for 2012 is Agent Provocateur Creative Director Sarah Shotton.

Stylenoir interviewed Sarah back in 2010, who is still one of my personal favourite people in fashion. Sarah’s unrivalled ambition coupled with her fun and seductive attitude to life is what make her so incredible.

She has re-imagined lingerie, and worked her way to producing some of the most beautiful and delicate pieces on the planet. A true talented creative who we can never have enough respect for.

Sarah Shotton Interview

Editors note: Results taken from January 1st 2012 to 1st June 2012. Clarified with GA analytics

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