Tim Burton Dark Shadows

Posted on May 3rd, written by James Joseph.

Johnny Depp in Dark ShadowsTim Burton’s new film Dark Shadows is set to drop on May the 11th, featuring the wonderful Helena Bonham Carter and the ever electric Johnny Depp.

The storyline seems a great and appealing one. In short without giving too much away, a cursed vampire who rules the 18th century sees himself caught in the year 1972. A time very different to his comfort zone, a true fish out of water. Obviously we’re not saying anything could ever better the incredible magnificent Edward Scissorhands, but Dark Shadows definitely has that playful peculiarity about it, which is what Tim Burton does best.

Alice Cooper also makes a cameo appearance as himself, which surely will be an interesting twist.

Could Tim Burton Dark Shadows rival Edward Scissorhands? Only time will tell..

Johnny Depp dark shadows by tim burton

Johnny Depp and Eva Green

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