Vogue Taiwan Gothic Beauty

By James Joseph

gothic beauty

Over the last few years our eastern counterparts in South Korea, Taiwan and Japan have continued to create some of the best content and trends we’ve seen. Taiwan seems to be evolving faster and faster and some would now say, is leading the pack in aspects of both fashion and beauty.

With Vogue Taiwan’s latest Gothic Beauty editorial, we can see why.

This editorial is as strong as beauty gets. The empowered aesthetic and strong styling is combined with an exceptional take on Gothic Beauty.

Without doubt, the key to Gothic beauty is always remembering less is more and here, Vogue Taiwan have done exactly that. The minimalist vision blended with one statement colour per look is paramount to this concept, accented by the tone and shadows of photographer Yossi Michaeli; this has to be one of our favourite editorials to date.

Model: Iekeliene Stange
Photographer: Yossi Michaeli
MUAH: Luke Baker and Deanna Melluso

gothic beauty

vogue taiwan

gothic beauty

vogue gothic beauty

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